Recent events

Here are some photos from recent events – the gazebo shots were at the “Battle of Sheffield Great Park” event at Manor Lodge on 1st August 2015. The other two are from the “Walk with Ron” event on Friday 11th September 2015 (total: 17 people inc. Ron & Marie).


Another fine photo from James Wilkinson of the current state of the site…

Castle Market blueprint

A fascinating blueprint for “City of Sheffield: New Retail Market, Castle Hill. Markets Committee (Drawing no. 7269G), ground plan by W G Davies, City Architect”.

Castlegate Festival 2015

Well over 1000 people attended the Castlegate Festival, and kept us very busy!  As ever, there was keen interest from people and much support for seeing the Castle remains unearthed and properly displayed.

More photos!

The inestimable nightcaller has posted more images from inside the castle. It’s a shame we can not get similar access by lawful means!

Under the Market

Using slightly covert means, someone called “Nightcaller” has been taking photos inside the Markets and found their way under the floors, where these two impressive pieces of the Castle can be seen – this really whets our appetite to see more!!

Haymarket in 1921

A great photo (courtesy of English Heritage) clearly shows the layout of the Market area in 1921.