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  1. Excellent response to the dimwits that want to conserve this brutalist eyesore. These idiots never seem to learn that it’s their ideology that has made Sheffield into probably the No. 1 no go city centre in the country, such is the bland and inhuman feel of the place.

  2. Why preserve this monstrosity when it should never have been built in the first place? Bad Architecture never looks good even with the passage of time so good riddance.

  3. I think its a shame that the future of the Castegate area has caused a bit of polarisation. I’m very enthusiastic about uncovering the Castle, but I’m also sympathetic to the 20th Century Society’s desire to preserve a component of a significant modernist development. Like them or loath them, the 20th century buildings on the site have a historic value as well, and this may increase in years to come. Might there be a “Friends of Castle Market” in 400 years time? One also has to think about the embodied energy in the structure and weigh up the environmental impact of demolishing a building. With that being said, I am in favour of taking the opportunity to do archaeology on the site, but perhaps there were possible strategies for keeping a wider range of interest groups happy?

  4. Give me Castlegate Tower any day! Are you seriously suggesting that as a nation we demolish our recent heritage in favor of hoping to find some stone remains of a past occupation? How far back in history should we take this concept? Were the people of Sheffield not delighted when the construction of Castlegate Tower catapulted them into the swinging sixties? Castlegate Tower is just as relevant to Sheffield’s history as any blocks of stone that may just be found under it. The only architectural mistake on this site was that the foundations were not filled in with solid concrete to secure it’s rightful place in history and make sure that future generations, with slightly less vision, didn’t want to ‘go digging’.
    Leave Castlegate Tower where it is, re-furbish it, re-discover it, learn to love it. Believe in the future of Sheffield, as a dynamic, modern city, not as a visitor attraction for the past.

  5. Gerald

    Since when has this unremarkable office block been referred to as ‘Castlegate Tower’?

    It isn’t even in Castlegate. Its on the corner of Waingate and Exchange Street.

    What is there to rediscover? This part of Sheffield has no future -let alone as ‘a dynamic, modern city’ unless the Markets complex is razed to the ground.

    Ron Clayton

  6. I am quoting someone else but I do believe this is relevant so you’ll have to excuse me if I cannot give you the author of it immediately. I will get back to you on that.
    “If you don’t know history then you don’t know anything. You’re a leaf that doesn’t know it’s part of a tree.”
    What is this about modern history being just as important as (if not, apparently, less than)ancient history ? If we forget our past we are surely more likely to repeat it. Nicht war ?

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