Castlegate Office Block/Tower

As you may have seen in the local press, we are pleased to report that the Council has decided to press on with demolition of what has become known as Castlegate Tower, in line with the original proposals.  To retain this building would simply have cost too much, and with no firm proposals for future use, the decision was taken by the Council to demolish. Demolition of the old Castle Market buildings will commence shortly although initially, it will be stripped internally and we will not see buildings coming down until late Spring. There are plans to have displays, art work, viewing platforms on the site as the demolition process takes place and we will update the website with ongoing updates and news.



Castlegate Office Block/Tower — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for all the hard work guys in keeping us posted.

    Really excited about what may be revealed, in particular any Saxon evidence that Waltheof had his aula at the site.

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