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  1. Hi

    I came down the other Sunday and was a bit perturbed that ashley wrote off the Castle Masonary that erupted from the crazy paved slope blonk street in the 1970’s as not being part of the castle.

    I also noted that work is now commencing on blonk street and the castle site is full of building materials. I would hope that Sheffield council finish the job and uncover the castle before any development. The castle is important Nationally and globally being the biggest in Europe; housing Mary Queen of sCots on and off for 14 years; and having its connection to Britains major event the 1066 battle of Hastings

    after the Normans came they reduced the 400 saxon land owning Earls to just 40 Norman lords. Near enough decimating the elite saxons of the times. However; there was resistance in the North and Earl Walheof of Hallamshire took York from the Normans. The Normans in revenge laid waste to the North “The Harrowing”; King William decided to marry his sister Judith to Waltheof hoping to keep the North in check. Waltheof was approached by some rebels or Silviataci (green men; the saxon resistance) but reported this William who imprisoned him and then beheaded him.

    Earning Waltheof the epithet of the Last Saxon Earl. back in a previous dig Leslie Butcher found some wattle flooring suggesting that their could have been a saxon hall prior to the Norman castle. Another interesting fact is Waltheof’s title passed to judith who married the Scottish king David so technically Hallamshire became Scottish and as far as is known this has never been rescinded.

    That is why the Castle must take priority over the development so that nothing is lost, knowledge gained and as the drawings in the star indicated leave the ruins visible for the public to enjoy and walk around; too much of Sheffield history has been lost to poor development and planning, we must all make sure it doesnt happen this time

    • Anyone had the promised email of FOSC plans for the Castle or are they just going to support Sheffield council and the smart city plans and bulldoze our castle away ?

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