A professional group of English Civil War Renactors is a rare sight in a quiet area of down-town Sheffield at just afternoon on a Sunday. But these folk – from the renowned Sealed Knot, are just that; professional. Their skill at arms as they trail ‘the puissant pike’ (as Shakespeare terms it) is, well, skilful! The close order in which they marched, in the teeming rain, would have graced Whitehall or the Horseguards. Precision, discipline and an education to watch.

Reading out the Terms of Surrender was Col John Bright. Receiving them was Mayor Thomas Beaumont and the widowed, but great with child, Lady Savile. All ceremonies were discharged with grace then a march back into the C20th then back to the Old Queens Head, where the carved heads hewn from the wood of Sheffield Park looked on…….


Castle surrender event — 1 Comment

  1. Castle Surrender Event – Text by Ron Clayton-FOSC
    Photographs by Peter Bayliss-FOSC
    Posting By -As Ever- Nick Robinson-FOSC Webmaster

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