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  1. Well as the original ‘stone sniffer'[I’ve shaved my beard off now]I’ve got to comment on Henry’s [?]piece. I’m speaking as an individual and my opinions are my own.First off I don’t see the relevance of the bulk of it to this website-its about the demolished /new market-a look back at a so called ‘golden age’which those of us who are sceptical about modernism and the foresight of town planners are somewhat unsympathetic to.Only as regards its comparison with Conisborough[ruinous since the reign of Henry the Eighth so not ‘near complete’ ]and opinion as to the future of the site of Sheffield Castle is it appropriate for me to comment on.The rest I’ve debated on ‘ad nauseum’ in the Sheffield press with the ‘usual suspects’.Its a sad reflection on some folks mindset when they refer to ‘tatty remains’ and indicates their lack of civic pride- would it happen anywhere else but in this neck of the woods? Since when has there been a Disney-esque plan to recreate the castle keep? Conisborough Castle may not pull in the tourists[I don’t think Sheffield will and I’ve told the Council so] but its done more for Conisborough than the Earth Centre ever did.Sadly- its opinions like Henry’s [?] that are all too common in influential circles in this city.As for the future of the site- well expect some further comment from me -across the board.
    Ron Clayton S6

  2. It doesn’t actually reflect the truth. As someone who used the old market and now uses the new one, the problem started for the markets almost the same time as they were built with the rise of supermarkets and changes in Shopping habits. The biggest neglect was customers. I have only known the markets for 26 years so could be wrong about it at the beginning but certainly never been that busy since I started going. There is always someone who holds fast to ideas of change and has a somewhat rosy view of the past. Footfall at the new market is about the same as was at the old market, in other words very poor. The opening hours for the market have reduced over the years too and present market traders also hark back to a golden age when shops didn’t open on Sundays or Bank Holidays so miss available trade. Can’t blame council for that or its re-siting either. So lets look at the positive. Soon to be uncovered for archaeological investigation the most important medieval castle in the North. The Birthplace of Sheffield. There would be no modern Sheffield if it hadn’t been for the castle. It could be the most important dig in the UK for years. Will we also find the Saxon remains rumoured to be there too? Who knows? What happens to the remains after investigation also still open. But I am reminded that Yorvik is based on a few planks of wood and some very small finds and yet now we have one of the most visited Heritage sites in the UK.

  3. Well Joyce-is it the most important medieval castle in the North? -doesn’t really concern me.But it is the place where Sheffield grew up- the ‘modern Sheffield’ as you say.And Sheffielders are waiting-waiting for the city to make ammends for the missed opportunities,the C20th destruction,the lack of regard for whatever vestiges of this medieval enigma remain.And if this city does the right thing by the castle site then that will be a landmark in this city- a veritable sea change………

  4. Castle Market was beyond help. It was awful to be in, to navigate, looked horrendous and totally not fit for modern day.

    Give me a pile of rubble with some history over it anyday

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