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A Castle timeline

1086 Domesday Book records Earl Waltheof, (Anglo-Saxon) Lord of Hallamshire, having a hall, believed to be on the site of the later castle
c. 1120 William de Lovetot (a Norman) becomes Lord of Hallamshire and is believed to have built a castle
1184 First reference to ‘Castellum de Seldfeld’ (Sheffield Castle)
1266 Sheffield Castle destroyed by supporters of Simon de Montfort’s rebellion
1270 Thomas de Furnival received a royal charter enabling him to build a new castle
15th cent Sheffield manor court rolls record expenditure on repairs to the castle
1582 Inventory of household goods of George, Earl of Shrewsbury, describes the castle and its contents
1586 Inventory of armour in the castle
1637 John Harrison’s survey gives a precise description of the castle
1642 Sir John Gell’s Parliamentary forces occupy the castle
1643 Royalist forces retake the castle
1644 Following heavy bombardment the Royalist forces surrender
1646 House of Commons resolves to make the castle untenable
1647 House of Commons resolves to demolish the castle
1648 Castle demolished
1927 – 1930 Castle Markets excavated
1972 L H Butcher records building works on or near the castle
1994 South Yorkshire Archaeology Service undertake a structural survey of the remains

from the collections of Sheffield Libraries Archives and Information


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